Creating a Lyrebird app

To create a new app, go to the Developer page, and click on New OAuth App.

The New application form will prompt you for:

  • Your application name, description and homepage: this public information will be shown to your users when they are prompted to consent to give you access to their voice.
  • Your application redirect URI: the URI to which your users will be redirected to after they consent to give you access to their voice, as part of the OAuth2 authentication flow. If you're not sure what to put here, put a placeholder URL like, then read this whole documentation and update it when you're done and understand the OAuth2 flow.

By clicking on your app after saving it, you can access the application's OAuth client credentials to be used in the next step:

  • Your application Client ID: a public ID that uniquely identifies your application in the OAuth2 flow.
  • Your application Client Secret: a private identifier that must stay private and acts as your application password to be used in the OAuth2 flow.

Next, you need to get an OAuth2 access token in order to use your user's digital voice.

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